The Intention of Sino-foreign Cooperation in education of Chongqing Bashu Secondary School

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Brief introduction of Chongqing Bashu Secondary School:

Located in the downtown district of Chongqing, the fourth municipality directly under the government, Bashu Secondary School lies right by the side of Huanghuayuan Bridge, against the foot of Pipa Mountain, facing the Jialing River. As a key school directly under Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, Bashu has been making great strides and producing talents for the country and society as a whole.

Since its establishment in 1933, Bashu has cultivated many prestigious personalities, such as Ms. Liu Yongqing -- the present First Lady, Ms. Zhu Lin -- wife of the former Chinese Premier Li Peng, Zou Jiahua -- the former Vice Premier of the State Council, Wang Xiaotang -- the first female general of China, Wu Jinglian -- an eminent economist, Zhang Huanqiao -- a sitting member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Huang Qian -- a chess grandmaster. As one of the largest secondary schools in China, it has 4 campuses covering an area of 247,000 square meters, more than 200 classes with over 15,000 students and over 900 teaching staff in total.

Bashu has long been known for its outstanding teaching quality and excellent teachers with advanced teaching concepts, professional teaching skills and noble teaching ethics. Students of the school have become the Senior High School Entrance Exam Aces for 3 years in a row, and 7 of them have become College Entrance Exam Aces in the past 7 years. Now, the school is honored as one of the most renowned schools nationwide while it’s continuing to play a leading role in the field of Chongqing education.

Because of the development of international education, Chongqing Bashu Secondary School intends to promote the international project of running school cooperatively, which is aimed at helping Chinese students to get the US high school student status, study both Chinese and US high school courses, attend exams recognized by both countries, and get the two countries’ high school diplomas when students finish all courses. Therefore, we are looking for cooperative partner sincerely:

1、 Our partner could be American public high school, school district or private high school. 

2、 Helping students to register US high school student status, and providing US textbooks and educational instructions. 

3、 Offering exams recognized by US educational system, and students could get the credits for graduation. 

4、 Sending teachers and administrators who are responsible of teaching and managing US high school courses to Bashu Secondary School.

5、 Providing 1-2 years exchange study opportunity to US for Chinese students. 

At the same time, Bashu will provide the followings to our partner:

1、 High-qualified Chinese high school courses and students management.

2、 Living expenses and accommodations for American teachers and administrators.

3、 Exchange study opportunities to China for American students, and assists US exchange students to apply for the Confucius Institute scholarship. 

4、 Paying the relevant fee for US high school student status registration, teachers, textbooks, etc.

According to the above conditions, Chongqing Bashu Secondary school sincerely looks for cooperative partner, and creates the good future of China and US cooperation in education.


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